Vero Amore means to celebrate life in every moment. To live 100%, in peace, and for a long time. For this reason we bring you superfoods for the body and soul –healthy and with intriguing flavours – and in consonance with a responsible globalization. Vero Amore represents a primary philosophy of taste, health and sustainability, aimed to achieve a personal development through what we eat.

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Vero Amore is born from the idea of two Italians, Andrea and Ian, in love with Mexico and Brazil, Austria, Portugal, Myanmar, Colombia, Morocco, France, Kenya and more; and fond of our house is yours motto. After a career at the United Nations, we believe that the world can be transformed with small activities, starting by changing our daily behaviour. With awareness of our responsibilities as citizens and consumers and pursuing justice and sustainability.

And what better than to do it through food, our source of life, and of livelihood for all the people involved in its production?
For this reason, today, we celebrate our everyday anniversary, by combining the benefits for health and the ecosystem with the epic flavor of our “açaí”.

The açaí (pronounced: Assaí) is the fruit of the Euterpe palm tree, 20 meters high, and native of the Amazon rainforest. Açaí berries grow in clusters and are small and dark purple with a savory taste, a mixture of chocolate with a hint of cinnamon.

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The açaí collected in the morning quickly arrives via canoe to the markets of Belém in Brazil, and Mocoa in Colombia, where the clusters are shelled by hand and selected under a strict quality control. Subsequently, the berries undergo a milling, where the base pulp is extracted and frozen. That is how simply way Vero Amore açaí is made.

Besides being a food traditionally consumed for centuries, açaí represents every day more a major economic activity for rural communities in the Amazon region; from Pará to Putumayo, in fact, the trade in açaí is the engine of alternative development to coca cultivation, while promoting the conservation of the Amazon jungle.

Because of its history, taste and benefits, from Rio de Janeiro to California, açaí has become the favourite snack of surfers, yogis, and people who take care of their body and mind, thus rising demand and the value of this wonderful little fruit of the Amazon. This has benefited thousands of farmers engaged in hand-harvesting açaí that grows wild: in an exercise of virtuous globalization, the demand for açaí has promoted a licit and sustainable livelihood even in the most remote regions in Colombia and Brazil where previously drug cultivation and trade of palm, knocking down trees, was the only way to earn a living. Today the annual gathering of açaí palm has become too precious for them to be cut, with huge benefits for the entire ecosystem of the forest. In addition, we have offered thousands of families a perspective of life within the rule of law, with all the benefits of health, safety, and education involved by the licit economy.

Now you know that behind our product there is not only true love, but also honest hard work and hope for a better tomorrow of which you now are part of. Thanks for it.


Açaí has an exotic flavour, close to dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. Superfood, supergood!


Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, Omegas, and protein, açaí is one of the most complete and healthy foods in the world. Eating açaí Vero Amore means living longer and better.


Vero Amore açaí helps protecting the Amazon, through the conservation of the Euterpe palm tree and the forest ecosystem.


Vero Amore açaí empowers indigenous and rural communities in the Amazon, offering a fair, legal, and sustainable livelihood in alternative to the trade in coca and palmito.