Healthy for you, the environment and the people !

Our organic cocoa is collected in the jungle Lacandona by indigenous communities among shade trees and other plants such as coffee and cardamom that give our nibs an aromatic and fruity flavor.

By being cultivated among other endemic species, rather than in monocultures, our cocoa contributes to the biodiversity conservation and generates new fertile soil, while capturing coal helping to counteract climate change.

This trade supports the economy of small local indigenous farmers by generating cash flow at regular intervals, and promoting regenerative economic activities rather than destructive.

Presentation: 200g of organic nibs in 200 tubes made of organic cardboard. Ask for bulk options!

200g de nibs orgánicos en tubos de 200 hechos de cartón ecológico.

Pregunta por las opciones a granel!


Cocoa is the fruit of the theobroma cacao tree, which means food from the gods. And the Mayans already knew it! Cocoa has always been consumed in this region as a drink and during ritual ceremonies because it is a strong energy and restorative.

Do you know when you’re sad and want to eat a chocolate cake? That’s why our body knows that cocoa is a natural neuro-regulator that raises the mood.

In addition, cocoa is full of antioxidants, proteins, good fats, and minerals, much of what your body needs to have energy, recover from physical wear, and have good skin, hair, and nails.



For your bowl of acai, yogurt, oatmeal, or ice cream, just drop a handful of nibs on top to add punch!


Add the nibs to your fruit smoothie to add good protein and fat and take your breakfast to the next level.


Spray some nibs and mix them with hot water, and a little honey, to obtain an energy drink, as a coffee substitute, for difficult days, or which hot chocolate, for the cold ones.

Cocoa, food of the gods